Hi, I’m Chen. I’m an artist, illustrator, designer, and creator.

I believe each and every person on this earth has a creative power and a unique spirit. And for many, as they journey to this unique inner self, they find themselves captivated, and even transformed, by art.

Art helps us heal. Art helps us grow. Art helps us find calm amongst chaos. And, most importantly, it teaches us about ourselves.

Luckily, art is all around us. It is in the sky, in the faces of our friends and family, in our homes, and everywhere in between. 

As an artist… 
My goal is to use my creations and illustrations to inspire others to chase their passions, feel empowered, and pursue their creative journeys with mindfulness and spirituality. 

The vast natural beauty and sunshine in my home of Los Angeles, CA provides me with constant inspiration and keeps me grounded in nature. You’ll find that much of my work plays with the themes of the natural world and the simple beauty of God’s creations. 
A bit about my background… 
I grew up in a house that celebrated and embraced creativity. Ever since I can remember, I have been drawing, crafting, and creating. My father was a dancer and always encouraged me to follow my own creative ambitions. So when it came time to choose a career, I turned to the arts. I discovered the fashion industry, and in my studies at LATTC, I learned a new design medium, digital art, and quickly fell in love with the ability to take an idea and layout a physical product someone could enjoy. From there, I worked as a CAD artist for five years, working with companies including xoxo, Visionary Brands by Judy Swartz, Victoria's Secret, Johnny Was, and Love Stitch. 

As much as I thrived in this fast-paced, exciting world of fashion design, I decided to work for myself so that I could pour my energy into my greatest passion, being a mother, and still fulfill my dream of creating every single day. As I juggled motherhood and an Etsy shop, I discovered the spiritual world of mindfulness and meditation. So I brought that into my work and I focused on creating art that told stories of mindfulness, self-growth, and love. 

Today, I am known for art that focuses on femininity, strength, and the unique spirit within us all. My hope is that through my art, you are able to find a deeper connection to yourself and feel inspired to chase your own creative passions to share with the world.     

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